The competition, organized by CNA Federmoda since 1991, offers young people the opportunity to enter the world of fashion and companies to draw on new creative life. The 20 finalists experienced an intense program of workshops, presenting their collections to a jury of experts and then having the opportunity to see their creations on the catwalk in Rome at the Domiziano stadium.

Teresa Ferrara, third year student of the Fashion Design degree course at the Modartech Institute wins the prize for the Knitwear section with her “CAOS/CALMA” collection, winning a mentoring period at Filpucci, a company of historical importance in the Italian textile district that produces yarns and collections for high-end knitwear.

Teresa, who arrived in the final with two of her colleagues, Cecilia Colca and Nicola Setaro, brought a collection which, through the juxtaposition of chaos and calm, presents a perfect imperfection of a handcrafted work. It is the art itself that exploits the symbology in favor of accurate details and unique workmanship and focuses on the versatility of knitwear for games of heaviness that are both elegant and streetwear.

Awarded by a jury of companies and professionals in the sector, the designer’s ability to create network games that transform into unstructured and innovative meshes was recognized.

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