Visual storytelling

From the Communication Design course, a graphic story of the values ​​of Istituto Modartech.

Sustainability, Craftsmanship & Heritage, Activism, Inclusion, Tehnology. These are the values represented in the final project carried out by the second year students of the Three-year Undergraduate Course in Communication Design presented at the event Talent Lab | Creative Exhibition with an immersive installation in the laboratory spaces of the Institute.

A full immersion in a story that speaks of strategic identity and belonging communicated through the visual and conceptual language of graphic signs, images, differentiated type designs and motion design.

Various artistic variations bring to light the importance of inclusion , a tool to combat hatred and ignorance, enhance heritage , historical heritage and identity that characterizes a person and at the same time enhance the artisan tradition of manual skills and ingenuity , technology and innovation responsible .

A socially engaged creativity that has made it possible to create an emotional and multisensory experience in the eyes of the viewer.

Messages, suggestions and ideas for profound reflections invite us to build a different future, tailored to Generation Z.

For more information on the Three-year Undergraduate Course in Communication Design, with the release of the First Level Academic Diploma – Bachelor’s Degree, send an email to or contact us at 0587 58458

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