Three questions to: Nicola Ceccanti

Three questions to the former students of Istituto Modartech, precious testimonies of study paths that have resulted in highly qualified work experiences. Nicola Ceccanti takes the floor, to focus attention on the world of communication.

1. Who are you and what do you do now?

My name is Nicola Ceccanti and I’m currently one of the creators of the LDB Advertising Agency. I also follow other projects such as freelance.
I plan and create advertising campaigns for print, TV, web and social networks.

It all started with a internship, which I undertook in the Urban Valdera structure – training agency of the Modartech Institute, where I then remained for almost a year as a graphic operator. From there I found my first full-time job in the communication agency Alternamente, where I stayed for 2 years and where I put into practice everything I had learned in the course.

Determined to continue this road, I was hired in Bologna by Max Information – Armando Testa Group. I entered as a graphic operator and I left 2 years later as Art Director Junior. I had the pleasure of creating advertising campaigns, dealing with television commercials and greatly expanding my experience. After a one-year break at the Jam Studio in Riccione, where I dealt with communication related to fashion, I returned to Bologna.

2. What led you to Istituto Modartech and why you chose it?

I have always been intrigued by the communication mechanisms, by the elements that make up the launch of a very precise message, and by the relationships between these and the success or otherwise of a project. I approached Modartech with many good ideas, but completely lacking in the tools I needed to put them into practice.

3. What did Modartech leave you? What are the values that he has transmitted to you that have helped you most in the work?

I chose the Web Design & Animation course. There I learned the basics of web languages, the theory behind the layout of a site, the use of the major programming and web animation programs.

In addition, I greatly enhanced my use of Photoshop, which until then I had used in a partial and rude way, and I learned the basics of advertising communication. Ultimately, the course at the Modartech Institute allowed me to enter the world of communication and advertising, giving me what it takes to seriously undertake a work path that, if undertaken with commitment, can give great satisfaction.