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Interview with leading lights in the world of fashion and communication: the testimonies of entrepreneurs, journalists and sector experts on Istituto Modartech.

Stefano Dominella
Istituto Modartech Scientific Director, Camera della Moda Italiana Director, Maison Gattinoni Chairman
Istituto Modartech is an extraordinary school, teaching an ancient art in the most modern of ways. An injection of energy and contemporaneity: I think Modartech is truly a leading school in this sense.
Riccardo Costagliola
Fondazione Piaggio Chairman
The Piaggio Museum is the center of creativity and innovation, so in Modartech we have found a very important “bank”. This school, in addition to promoting new professions in the world of style and design, manages to give young people the creativity that we also need. We are truly happy to collaborate with Modartech. The boys manage to find work with a very high percentage only a few months after the completion of the courses. They deserve it because I see how hard they work and dedicate themselves to these professions.
Guillermo Mariotto
Maison Gattinoni Creative Director
I wish all students of Istituto Modartech to be free to express their creativity and above all to have confidence in the future.
Paolo Laratta
Marketing Director Ariete-De Longhi Group
My wish for Modartech students is to be able to start working for companies while maintaining the freshness and open-mindedness that this school will be able to give them.
Luca Giannini
Giannini e Associati Owner; Private Law Professor at the Link Campus University of Rome
I was impressed by the competence and specialization found in dialogues with students. Istituto Modartech is an extremely professional and avant-garde environment that is only good for the entire industrial sector. This school, in my opinion, will help the kids to get ready for the technological challenge that is around the corner.
Simonetta Gianfelici
Talent Scout and“Who’s on next?” contest creator
Modartech is the favorable environment for translating one’s inclinations into tangible results and it is precisely here that the figure of the teacher, mentor, talent scout is inserted, who, in precise circumstances, is able to intuit the inclinations and predisposition of an individual to enhance them and bring them to fruition. Learning, study, experience: these are the keys to become artistically unpredictable.
Massimiliano Bizzi
White Owner & CEO
I think that the role of training institutes is to support young people as much as possible in their concrete insertion into the world of work. Istituto Modartech made me a very positive impression, of a very dynamic and modern reality.
Antonio Mazzeo
Regione Toscana Councilor
When it is possible to train skills and experiences as one does at Istituto Modartech, the entry of young people into the world of work is simplified. It is an experience that marks your life and allows you to start your career with more skills and giving you the opportunity to grow faster, both professionally and personally.
Carla Granieri
Brand Heritage Department Bulgari
My wish for the students of Istituto Modartech and for their future is to free their creativity, strengthen our Made in Italy and our traditions in the name of absolute innovation, brakeless.
Roberto Portinari
General Manager Piattaforma Sistema Formativo Moda
Istituto Modartech is truly a breeding ground for talents who, also thanks to the professionalism of the teachers, will have the opportunity to express their creativity in the world of work.
Claudio Orrea
Patrizia Pepe Chairman
Collaborations with schools such as Istituto Modartech are very important to us because they trigger a virtuous circle of exchange of valuable knowledge and experience for everyone.
Angela Pirri
President of the Municipal Council of Pontedera
The reality of Modartech is very important for Pontedera. People are formed: I hope they can train new Valentino or new Armani. The Institute certainly represents a driving force also for the economy of Pontedera.
Alessandra Carta
Istituto Modartech Creative Director and Fashion Consultant for Max Mara, L’Oreal, Bulgari
I hope that students can work on the things they have studied since very interesting subjects are studied at Istituto Modartech such as fashion, footwear, communication… They are magnificent works, full of professional opportunities and with infinite job titles.
Monica Brannetti
Brand Heritage Department Bulgari
Bulgari wishes to Istituto Modartech teens to gain experience in the field of their choice. Also knowledge of the histories of the companies is very important so that they can get to the heart and touch the profession.
Piero Jacomoni
Chairman of Monnalisa S.p.A. and Consorzio Bimbo Italia
Innovation, creativity, quality and research are certainly the cornerstones for business success, but the real driving factor is passion, knowing how to excite and express true Italian craftsmanship. We found these values in Istituto Modartech, an excellent training institute, a precious partner for us to be able to host young talents and open new collaborations.
Paola Cacianti
Rai Journalist and creator of the TG1 format “Top – Tutto quanto fa tendenza”
Moments like the Modartech Meetings are important, because they bring the young ones closer to the reality of the profession, they bring them closer to their future. And for those who want to do this job I recommend to be curious and have a circular attention to everything that happens around them.
Alex Albini
Showmates Owner & CEO
Modartech, thanks to the experiences it offers to its students, is an accelerator for the entry of talents into the company. It is a current reality and in step with the times that offers a real collaboration between academia and the world of companies, which makes the impact for those entering the world of work less traumatic.
Fabrizio Mazzantini
Cafè Chairman
I have always believed that the training and development of human resources represents a fundamental aspect for business growth and development. We have been sharing this philosophy with Istituto Modartech for many years and we have always been satisfied when we had the opportunity to include young people who leave school in our organization. I must say that the preparation and ability found in young students is very high.
Simone Millozzi
Mayor of Pontedera (2018)
I am extremely proud of the growth of this Institute over the years, not only from a qualitative point of view: the recognition of MIUR represents an opportunity for Istituto Modartech to have a short degree course and therefore to have the first university in the area.
Lorena Bianchetti
Journalist and TV Presenter
At Istituto Modartech you can touch a reality that Italy must be absolutely proud of.
Gianmarco De Pascalis
Fashion Photographer
The expectations can be many: it’s all about recognizing your skills, being good at getting them out and showing them to others. If I were a student of Istituto Modartech, I would give 100% in the study, because being technically and culturally prepared is fundamental.
Caterina Rorro
Marketing & Communication Director Lectra Italia
I thank Modartech for promoting the meeting between companies and students: these are fundamental occasions, above all to give students the opportunity to speak with those who supply the tools and software and to be always updated on what technology can offer today.
Betty Barsantini
Journalist expert of culture, fashion, habit e society
I met Modartech for the first time in an afternoon at the Piaggio Museum and what immediately struck me was the atmosphere of enthusiasm and freedom that the boys and girls showed. A freedom made up of new ideas and a desire to implement them, thanks to those who get young students used to reasoning in terms of concreteness. In an increasingly demanding world, especially in the field of fashion and design, with the growth of the global market and the increase in competition, the task of specialized institutes such as Modartech is increasingly important, especially in the area where it is located. to operate, which boasts a beautiful tradition of craftsmanship and attachment to the craftsmanship of Made in Italy.
Alessandra Lepri
Journalist, writer and top expert in training, fashion and desig
Modartech is an institution that you don’t expect: smaller towns often hide unexplored but precious treasures. It doesn’t have the pretentious name of lots of other elite schools, but it has a history and serious attitude rarely seen in other institutes, which often live off their image and are more like companies than educational institutions. Modartech is fashion – real, true, tailored fashion – created with the soul and the hands, aided by technology but without ever forgetting the unique value of creativity. Modartech is close to its young students. It continues to follow them even after they have finished, guaranteeing job prospects and human relations that I have never come across in my numerous experiences in the most important schools in Italy.
Marco Serpilli
Founder & CEO Warda
I was struck by how Istituto Modartech manages to organize the meeting between school and business, which is fundamental for companies and students. Events such as conferences, meetings and workshops are very important.
Paolo Dario
Professor of the Biorobotics Institute of the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna
For the Biorobotics institute, partnerships such as the one started with Modartech are very important. Cross fertilization allows the birth of radical innovation ideas with applications in all fields of everyday life and gives ideas for creativity that is at the basis of both the world of art and that of innovation.
Max Pinucci
MBVision Creative Director and Administrator
I have been working with Modartech for fifteen years. Center of excellence in professional training, it has built and strengthened its recognition in the fashion sector over time by bringing together experts, teachers and professionals. But Istituto Modartech is also a precursor in other highly specialized areas: those of communication and applied multimedia, becoming a reference point in the training sector.
Sabrina Caredda
Fondazione Piaggio Operations Coordination Manager
The collaboration between the Fondazione Piaggio and Modartech began many years ago and is now consolidated. At first the Piaggio Museum was the theater, fascinating and magical, of the beautiful end-of-course fashion shows by Modartech. For some years, the collaboration has intensified and we have started to work closely on educational projects for schools. The result was an engaging work, highly appreciated by young people. Last shared experience was the realization of an important conference dedicated to schools entitled “The Professions of Fashion”, on the occasion of the exhibition Gattinoni, the Vespa and the TV. Made in Italy is in fashion. A great success!
Veronica Solivellas
Creative Director Shoes and Bags Trend Book
I have been collaborating with Istituto Modartech for several years. We have embarked on a path of research, study, intuition of the new, in particular in the area of footwear and accessories, a highly specialized area for Istituto Modartech. The school has managed to integrate innovative systems and tools into teaching, becoming a true point of reference for those who intend to train, from design to the technical part, combining the needs of fashion with those of production.