The most requested fashion professions from the job market

Fashion companies are constantly looking for increasingly specialized young professionals.

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Work: the most requested creative professions that companies do not find

Let’s discover some of the most requested professional figures.

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Le professioni della moda e della comunicazione

How to become a stylist

The figure of the designer has always had a strong fascination for all those who have the desire to work in the creative fashion industry and the road to becoming it is not at all simple.

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How to Become a Cool Hunter

The Cool Hunter observes and documents new trends, captures inspirations and provides insights helping companies move in the right direction.

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CAD Apparel Pattern Making Professional Course

How to Become a Pattern Maker?

The Pattern Maker of clothing, footwear, bags and accessories is a fundamental professional figure in the fashion industry.

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The course to become a Web Designer

The web designer is the one who deals with the technical design and graphic and structural construction of a website in its entirety.

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How to become a Web Designer

What does a Web Designer do? When we ask ourselves what a Web Designer does, the simplest answer is “make websites” an answer as simple as it is reductive.

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M Meeting "Fashion Photography"

Fashion Jobs: the professions of fashion

Due to its continuous evolution and complexity, the fashion industry needs complete and highly specialized professional figures.

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Fashion CAD Course

Become CAD Apparel Pattern Maker

The pattern maker is the one who realizes the garment designed by the designer, transforming the ideas of the creative into a product.

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Istituto Modartech: three years qualification course in Communication Design

Graphic-Social Community Manager Job

He is a visual expert who has a thorough knowledge of communication via social networks.

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Sustainable Fashion: the 3 “R” approach

Fabrics created from citrus production waste, bacteria to recycle polyester and a virtual platform for the recovery of textile production waste.

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Advertising Graphics & Social Media Marketing Course

Curriculum Infographic

The format of the curriculum has evolved, alongside the classic Europass format there is a whole other world of cv including creative ones, new styles and shapes add touches of originality.

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Modartech Meeting - The Color

How to create a Fashion Portfolio

A fundamental tool to present yourself at best in the fashion sector is certainly the presentation of a captivating Fashion Portfolio.

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Graphic & Fashion Promotion

The 6 basic graphics software

The world of communication moves very fast and is constantly looking for pragmatic, competent and highly specialized professionals.

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8 tips for effective Web Design

Creating a professional website is the goal of the web designer. Let’s see 8 tips to create an attractive, easy to use, engaging and effective one.

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Modartech Meeting con Franco Fatone

5 sources of inspiration for the stylist

Searching for inspirational muses from which stylists draw for the creation of their collections is not easy at all: what is a stylist inspired by?

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Corso Gratuito FSE area Moda

The 10 characteristics of the Pattern Maker

He is one of the most requested professional figures in the sector: he is a designer who transforms creative ideas into products.

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How to create an effective logo

The logo must be chosen carefully: it is the business card, which must represent the person or company in a truthful, original and captivating way.

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How to draw a fashion sketch with Kaledo Style

In the context of CAD teaching, Istituto Modartech makes use of the Lectra Software Suite.

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Creative packaging

Very often we judge the quality of a product simply by looking at its packaging. The visual impact is fundamental to guide the choice of the consumer.

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What is an infographic and what features it must have

Infographic, who among you has never found this term surfing the net? Quiet is not a dirty word!

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Modartech Meeting with Aldo Drudi

The debut of Italian Fashion in the World and the Fontana Sisters: lesson by A. Lepri

Those who enter the world of fashion respond with curiosity and amazement.

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What kind of creative are you?

From the 1950s onwards, creative processes began to be systematically studied from a scientific point of view.

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5 things every Web Designer should know

How do web users think? How do they decide? What motivates them to perform an action?

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Web & Graphic Design Course - Istituto Modartech

10 Rules for building a Creative Curriculum

For some time now, the European CV (Euro Pass) has become part of our life, but there are some myths to dispel about this.

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